4 Reasons why solar panel installations are more difficult than garage door installations

solar panel on roof

Solar panel and garage door installations is very crucial since both of them perform very important functions. While the solar panel provides you with electricity the garage door also provides security to your properties. Both installations need expertise but by following the provided guidelines you can install them on your own. The installation of these home appliances is much different from each other. Solar panel installation is a bit tedious and you need to be careful during installation.

The following are 4 Reasons why solar panel installations are more difficult than garage door installations.

Components needed for the installations of solar panels are a lot more when you compare it with the typical garage door. The first thing which needs to be done is scaffolding which is usually placed with the team responsible for installation. This is to enable you get to the roof for easy mounting of the panel.

Thorough survey must be conducted to determine the positioning of the roof anchor. The determination of the positioning phase is very tiresome and vital in any installation. This is just to ensure that panel frames are located correctly.

Solar installations is very risky more especially when it is being installed on the roof. Most roofs are slanting and this may lead to accidents if the ladders are not fitted correctly. For safety purposes it should be done during roof installation. This makes the mounting difficult and time consuming.

Wiring is needed which must be conducted by an electrician. For proper provision of electricity proper wiring must be done. At this point guess work is not applicable or trial and error. If you attempt then issues may arise leading to short circuiting which may lead to an unpleasant experience.

A solar panel may look small and this may make you think that it is easier to put it on your roof. Remember its installations needs expertise to function properly.