About this site

Jennifer Oplus ConceptThere are so many benefits of installing a solar panel on your own roof. And that’s basically my motivation to blog on Oplus Concept. Me, that is Jennifer from San Diego. I have married my husband Daniel about four years ago and we have bought a little house outside Berkelely.

I say little house, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t enough space for some solar panels. Last year, we have successfully installed 6 panels, each 61″ x 41″. It was such an amazing feeling when we finished that project.

And the feeling got even better when we figured that we have produced half the amount of energy we consumed the following month! So my point is that even though our home is smaller than the American average, there is still so much potential in solar energy that most people (like us) would never imagine possible.

So if you are still on the fence and thinking about buying a solar panel for your own home or not, then OplusConcept.com should give you some great incentives to just go ahead and do it, as well as providing tips on how to do the installation by yourself without the help of a professional business.